Heritage Signage

The historical center of Lyon has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1998.
To present this cultural and historical heritage, as well as to facilitate orientation in the main city districts and accessibility to remarkable areas, pedestrian signage is being installed in the city. It includes orientation tables located at emblematic sites, terminal-compasses and directional markings on the pavement. These elements have been added to the bronze plaques already located on heritage buildings.

An orientation table in the Confluence district

Urban signage has also been enhanced with multimedia contents. Accessible from a smartphone, these contents offer additional heritage information and assistance in orientation, including the calculation of a pedestrian itinerary for discovering the city.


The contents of the "mobile" pages and the information contained on the orientation tables were created by the Gadagne Museums and the Lyon Museum of History. They offer a summary of the history and urban heritage of Lyon. These contents are an excerpt from the future "Keys to Lyon" application, which proposes a discovery of the Museums’ flagship works and their link to the city's heritage and history..