The Récylum Sustainable Light Trophy


The Récylum Sustainable Light Trophy


Récylum Sustainable Light Trophy rewards eco-responsible installations

Every year, by promoting sustainable projects, the Festival of Lights makes good on its pledge to make artists and visitors alike aware that illuminating the city's magnificent heritage is compatible with an eco-responsible attitude.

This trophy recognizes the installation that best combines creativity, innovation, and sustainability. It is awarded by the City of Lyon in partnership with Recylum, a non-profit environmental organization that collects and recycles used light bulbs in France. Eight eco-friendly installations have been short-listed for the prize.

2018 nominees

  1. Abyss, Nicolas Paolozzi
  2. Cascades, Marion Chauvin et Adrien Bertrand
  3. Wish Blow, Helen Eastwood et Laurent Brun (LNLO)
  4. Lumières en soi(e), Creatmosphere et Crossed Lab - winner 2018
  5. Rythmus, Chevalvert, Mirage Festival et Hémisphère
  6. Tensegrity, Jean-Pierre David – Cie Aérosculpture
  7. Tisseur de vœux, Jaffa Lam
  8. Lianes, Erik Barray

Previous winners​