Cédric Verdure

Cédric Verdure, a passionate, self-taught and multi-disciplinary artist, feels the vital need to create a dream, to immortalise memories and to awaken sensations via his sculptures. In his search for a balance between force and tension, and structure and lightness, he favours recycled materials for his creations.

After many exhibitions in the region of Nantes where he works, Cedric Verdure has been selected for the Fête des Lumières 2011.

Thereafter, Cédric Verdure is invited all over France, for examplefor the opening of the tramway of Dijon in 2012 or for the « Nuits Blanches » in Paris.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2011 : «  The Myth of the Tete d’Or »

By the same artist

The Myth of the Tête d'Or (2011)

Tête d'Or Park, Lyon 6

Welcome to the bizarre and fantastical universe of the Myth of the Golden Head (Tête d’or). During a stroll accompanied by light and sound and interspersed with twelve scenes, children and adults enter step by step into a fairytale populated with giants, phantoms, witches and other imaginary creatures, in a search for the Golden Head. Around 200 light sculptures, created from sculpted railings – raging dragons, fragile elves, magical trees and more -  are the tableaux which illustrate this tale. The piece which represents the Golden Head, to be found at the end of the journey, is created entirely from recyclable and recycled light bulbs. The Myth of the Golden Head is produced with the support of Recylum, an approved eco-organisation which collects used light bulbs and a partner of the Fête des Lumières for the 3rd year running.

With Philips technical support