D-Facto is a company working on the realisation and the conception in the fields of scenography, scenery construction, and settings of technical means, logistic and multimedia animations. Created in 2007, Jean-Philippe Corlin is its manager.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2009 : « The disoriented’s Duchère» – Musée Palissadaire - Lyon 9
2010 : « The floating chandelier » - Passage Thiaffait
2012 : « Corazon by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada » - Place de la Bourse (producer)
2013 : « Sérénade » - Place de la Bourse (producer)

By the same artist

The floating chandelier (2010)

Lace, tulle, taffeta, cotton, netting, advertising banners and parachute silk: the giant chandelier casting a poetic, enchanting light over the passage Thiaffait is made entirely of recycled materials. Floating in the centre of the traboule, or passageway, lit by ultraviolet black light, it spreads its luminous branches right across the Village des créateurs like twinkling tentacles.