The Masomenos group is formed by Joan and Adrien, partners both in work and life. For the past 10 years, the pair has been creating an artistic, musical world filled with endearing, colourful tribal and childlike creatures. Both originally art directors, they have now turned into performers and have created a striking graphic universe that accompanies their sets during their worldwide tours. Their latest artistic research has led to installations that extend their musical world in a playful, immersive way.

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Masomenos Dance Class (2017)

Change your outfit and step into the shoes of the Masomenos designers and their colourful, festive world! Become a musician, dancer, conductor and choreographer. But hang on…who's leading the dance? Is it you or the characters in the show that are copying your movements and which you think are mirroring you on the screen? Light-hearted, fun and catchy, the Masomenos Dance Class is an invitation to people of all ages to get up and dance.