Mingshi Lighting

The Chinese light designer Mincong Huang is also the artistic adviser for the Guangzhou International Light Festival (GZ Light) organised by Ruifeng Culture. The idea of proposing Yu Da Ba Jiao to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the twinning of Guangzhou (Canton) with Lyon germinated in 2016 during collaboration between the Festival of Lights and the Chinese festival. This installation is the result of a Chinese-French partnership in that Zexuan Huang, daughter of dancer and choreographer Mincong Huang, and her husband, French musician Clément Himbert, designed the music and animation for the work using software that enables sound, images, light and movement to interact.

By the same artist

Yu Da Ba Jiao (2018)

The lawn in front the ancient Roman theatres is carpeted with over 4,000 illuminated cotton flowers - the emblem of Guangzhou (Canton) - resembling a lotus pond. Here and there, banana leaves and stylized clouds move gently to the sound of traditional Chinese music like Yu Da Ba Jiao, the title of the installation, taking spectators on an immersive journey inspired by traditional south Chinese painting. After the show, visitors can take a few moments to compose their own version of the song on an interactive terminal. This installation forges a nostalgic link between the past and the present and symbolizes cordial Sino-French relations.