Passerelle Abbé Couturier

Passerelle Abbé Couturier, Lyon 5

Finished in 1853, this walkway features an 87-meter-long span suspended by guy lines that are set in masts anchored in two piers located at a distance of ten meters from the riverbanks. On September 1, 1944, the Germans blew up the walkway, and the cables and deck were partially destroyed. Rebuilt in an identical manner, it was opened to the public again in November 1944.

On March 17, 2003, the walkway was renamed Passerelle Paul Couturier in honor of a priest who was born at La Guillotière on July 29, 1881, and died on March 29, 1953, and who contributed to interfaith exchanges. It is also the "lovers' walkway", where couples leave locks with their names or inscriptions that describe their relationship.

Source: Greater Lyon Office of Tourism and Conventions

The Bright Boat

Dec. 8 to 10 | 8 p.m. to midnight

What if a bridge became a means of travel instead of merely a place for crossing? Through an initiatory, enigmatic and magical trip, "The Bright Boat" invites you to become the creator of your personal journey among city lights. Oars lift, the sail is raised, the hull comes into view, the boat moves. Cast off and follow this star-studded boat and its imaginary lighted pathway from the riverbank.

With the support of DCB International and IEFT-IDRAC Group. 

Viewpoint from the Bonaparte bridge.

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