New talents

Student experiments

The Festival of Lights offers to French and European students from schools of art, architecture, design and the graphics an opportunity to design special projects and exhibit them to a very large audience. The works created by these budding artists borrow from architecture, video, the visual arts, design and graphics; they reflect the multiple facets of light creation. Their participation in the event contributes to making work with light an integral part of the training of these students in their different areas of study.

The different contests and calls for projects offer students the opportunity of an exceptional first experience in the field: in addition to the creative approach, they must face the material and economic constraints involved in carrying out a project before it can be presented to a demanding audience. Providing a rich soil for young emerging talents, the Festival of Lights has decided to provide for a greater selection of student projects.

Les Grands Ateliers de l’Isle d’Abeau

Created in 2003, these « experimentations etudiantes » offers the opportunity of schools is created from a selection of ideas collected from ten school of architecture, art, design or engineering. The projects are selected according to their creativity, their humour and the inventiveness, and are usually presented in the neighbourhood of the Place Sathonay.