Groupe LAPS

The artists in LAPS (visual artists, lighting designers, scenographers, sound designers and videomakers) work together creating their projects, mainly focusing on light and telling micro-stories in public areas, illustrated by moving visual and sound installations. They design their light sculptures to be attractive during daylight hours, making the public want to return in the evening to see them in action. The LAPS Group, and more specifically Thomas Veyssière, was behind the very popular human shapes of "Keyframes", displayed in the Place de la République during the 2011 Festival of Lights.

By the same artist

Spider circus (2017)

Place Sathonay, Lyon 1

Spiders in the Square! They chase each other, fight, try to communicate and perform a fascinating dance on the threads of the giant web they have woven in the Place Sathonay. Look upwards to watch their ballet - these touching, burlesque insects of light radiate unexpected humanity. Spider Circus tackles the ambivalent feelings we have about spiders - involving both attraction and repulsion - in a humorous and spectacular way. Playing with our fantasies and fears, this display is really a playful catharsis. Long live arachnotherapy!

Funded by LED NER