Spectaculaires, les Allumeurs d’Images

For over 30 years, Benoit Quéro and his teams have been writing, creating and designing stage settings for historical, urban, natural and industrial heritage through huge images projected and animated in video mapping. Above all, Spectaculaires, les Allumeurs d’Images enjoy telling stories, creating fleeting experiences, highlighting places and embellishing buildings by creating original artwork that is both poetic and spectacular. Audiences may remember the preamble to the opening of the Chauvet Cave in 2009 in the Parc de la Tête d’or. Ten years on, Spectaculaires, les Allumeurs d’Images are back with a fantastic, dreamlike fresco.

By the same artist

Une toute petite histoire de lumière (2019)

The show is about to light up the square when suddenly the equipment grinds to a halt. The museum façade stays blank. Behind the scenes, you can hear the engineers tinkering around. But once the square is bathed in darkness, you gradually perceive lights which we are no longer used to seeing in our city nightscape. Then the proportions change and we are walking on the clouds in a dreamlike state, everything is topsy turvy. This is a poetic incursion behind the scenes, a tribute to the engineers who pull the strings, which makes us wonder how we could survive without electricity.