Lyon, the light specialist


The Lighting Plan

Today, light is an integral part of Lyon’s cityscape. When you stroll through Lyon by night, you see how light has been naturally incorporated into the city’s architecture, underlining its finer points.

The city lighting plan

The Lighting Plan and the top-notch skills of local experts have turned Lyon into a major centre of “light design” and urban lighting, including both temporary and permanent lighting projects.

The first Lighting Plan dates back to 1989. It was a pioneering initiative with political, technical and artistic impact. By overseeing the permanent illumination of over 250 sites, it gave the city a whole new face. Light is no longer just used for security reasons; it has become an essential component of the urban environment.

Pont de l'Université
Pont de l'Université à Lyon

The second Lighting Plan in 2004 went much further. Light was no longer confined to simply embellishing monuments, it began to follow the life and rhythms of the city, highlighting rivers, hills, silhouettes and major roads.

Recognized as a distinct art and profession, urban and suburban lighting contributes to Lyon’s international reputation.

Companies from Lyon featuring light designers, artists or architects are invited to share their knowhow in all corners of the world.

Some of the sites which have benefited from their expertise:

  • the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg,
  • the Castillo del Moro in Havana,
  • Ho Chi Minh City Museum,
  • the Ryadh el Feth Monument in Algiers,
  • the Menara Gardens in Marrakech,
  • the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.


Created in 2002 at the initiative of the City of Lyon, LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) is an international network of cities using urban lighting. The network brings together 70 municipalities on 6 continents committed to using light as a tool for sustainable urban development. It also includes 40 lighting professionals and companies as associated members. By organizing international events and conferences, and participating in lighting projects and research, LUCI provides a forum for the exchange of knowhow and best practices in sustainable urban lighting.