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Partenaires institutionnels

Become a sponsor to support and promote...light !


Become a stakeholder in an internationally-renowned festival, one of the biggest cultural events in France

  • Participate in the cultural life of the City of Lyon
  • Make your mark in the local area
  • Build a partnership based on trust with the City of Lyon
  • Support creativity and the talented artists of today and tomorrow

Become a sponsor to promote and develop your company's work


Promote your company's image by working side by side with the City of Lyon on a world-famous event

  • Join a network of economic stakeholders
  • Unite your employees around a a popular event and a common goal
  • As a sponsor, receive a 60% tax rebate on your donation, up to 0.5% (5€ for every thousand) of your turnover. The benefits on offer are limited to 25% of the amount donated

Your contact : Anna MANIATIS
Mission Mecenat
Contact via email


Your extras


Choosing to join the Festival of Lights and work alongside the City of Lyon means benefits in the area of :

All year round

  • Invitations to all events organised by the City of Lyon (private viewings, sport, culture, heritage etc.)
  • Social events for partners, organised twice a year by the City of Lyon Mission Mécénat.

In the run-up to the Festival of Lights

  • A sneak preview of the installations at the Festival of Lights (October or November)
  • Meet the teams and artists working on the Festival of Lights at the sneak preview evening

During the Festival of Lights

  • A social event with an exclusive preview of the installations on show at the Festival of Lights
  • A closing event for the Festival of Lights where the France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes/Ville de Lyon Trophy of Lights will be awarded
  • Sponsor an artwork.

Each sponsor company makes a contribution that enables an artist to create their work. The name of the company will be associated with that piece for the duration of the festival.

  • Directly sponsor an artist or an installation, chosen from a catalogue of artistic projects.
  • Talk to the artists and production teams involved in the Festival of Lights.
  • Vote for the winner of the France 3 Trophy of Lights.
  • Off-line communication

Many different forms of communication will be used to inform spectators throughout the Festival. Partners' logos and names will be included on the various media.

  • Digital communication

An ever-growing range of digital communication is being rolled out during the Festival to ensure spectators have easy access to information.
Logo or company name displayed on the Festival of Lights website – – and on the teaser and retrospective videos produced for the Festival of Lights

  • Communication pack 

A communication pack will be provided, allowing you to use the 8 December brand and certain elements of the Festival communication for co-branding with the City of Lyon.


CSR projets


Your sponsorship funding will be used exclusively for creating art installations for the Festival of Lights.

Fun facts booklet


This year, a fun facts booklet has been especially created to help people find out more about the Festival of Lights. This new educational tool contains observation games and a paper toy. It allows festival-goers to explore the theme of light and delve into certain installations in more detail, and to see behind the scenes at the Festival of Light. 

Observation games have also been set up on location at around fifteen of the installations at the Festival of Light.
45,000 fun facts booklets have been handed out: 22,000 in state schools, 8,000 in private schools, 5,000 in libraries, and 9,000 in the cabins during the 2021 Festival of Lights.

Lumignons du cœur : participate in an act of solidarity


The City of Lyon is aware of how important the lumignon candles are to the 8th of December celebrations, and so it has decided to give them back their rightful place at the heart of the Festival by incorporating them into an act of collective solidarity. 

Every year since 2005, the event has showcased a different charitable cause. The Festival of Lights is continuing this tradition by programming a large-scale installation at one of the city's main sites, with the proceeds going to a charitable cause.

We are calling on you to commit to this partnership which, once it has been established, will show all your potential clients the spirit of citizenship that characterises your approach.

Becoming a partner of the Lumignons du cœur means joining a team of hard-working companies and uniting around a common charitable cause to embark on an adventure which truly has people at its heart.

It is also a precious opportunity for your company to adopt a CSR-based approach with the participation of your employees: the opportunity to present your company, selling lumignon candles, working as volunteers to help run the project, etc.