Akari-Lisa Ishii

With extensive intercontinental experience, notably in the United States and Japan, and a degree from the 'Illuminating Engineering Society", Akari Lisa Ishii founded her company in France in 2004. She also became an active member of ACE (the association of light designers and lighting engineers). Since it was founded, her I.C.O.N. company has aimed to create new concepts in lighting and the lighting arts. She conveys new worldwide lighting trends with an innovative approach on all types of lighting installations.

She participated in the Lyon Festival of Lights in 2006, with "Parure de Lumière" highlighting the three bridges over the Saône, and in 2007 with "Pêcheurs des Etoiles" at Place Pradel.

For her 2015 project, she has once again worked with the music composer who was her partner for the 2007 installation to create an original soundtrack.

By the same artist

Platonium (2016)

From the infinitely small to the infinitely large, from material to immaterial, from research to pure sensitivity, the artist and the scientist take us across space-time, the better to understand environnemental issues. The installation reveals a monumental chandelier made from lame and luminous fabric, standing in the center of the courtyard, magnified by the mirror on the ground. By mobilizing imagination, amazement and surprise, the installation reveals in an artistic way recent innovations and knowledge related to light. Find the keys to understanding them on the CNRS Platonium website.

Project CNRS - International Year of Light. In partnership with University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and the University of Lyon, with the participation of ILM, IRCELYON and CRAL.