Alain Bénini

Architect (official diploma by the French government), Alain Bénini works at the Hospices Civils of Lyon in the Hospital field, as engineer-architect. The quality of the places welcoming the patients and the worker is one of his interests.

Besides the Festival of Lights we can find his works in « Les Yeux de la nuit » (Genève, Switzerland) , « GLOW » (Eindhoven, Netherlands),  « DIVALI » or « Nights lights » (Singapour).

For several years, Alain Benini mainly works on the illumination of the main courtyard of the Hôtel Dieu.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2005 : « A light cube »
2006 : « Oddities from the Rhône »
2007 : « Cultures »
2008 : « Carroussel »
2009 : « Cordadra »
2010 : « Five Centuries »
2011 : « Coudecouleur »
2012 : « Correspondences »
2013 : « Climatic caresse »

By the same artist

Climatic Caresse (2013)

The Hotel Dieu, Lyon 2

Welcome to a jungle invaded by strange delicate vines! White and brittle in winter, they become invasive and clinging in the rainy season; when summer comes, they offer the warm caress of wild grass.

Correspondences (2012)

The Hotel Dieu, Lyon 2

Theses, announcements, prescriptions, letters of encouragement… Writing reveals the history of this former hospital and thousands of letters form a ceiling of white reflectors which change colour according to the subjects. People can leave their own message in the unusual visual and sound environment which heightens the sense of emotion.

Coudecouleur (2011)

The Hotel Dieu, Lyon 2

During works at the Hôtel-Dieu hospital, Alain Bénini continues to make us dream in the cloisters. Thanks to a system comprising almost 300 ramps of LED’s, he creates a singular, poetic, immensely colourful visual/audio atmosphere focusing on the three elements of water, sun and vegetation. A « must-see ».

Cinq Siècles (2010)

The Hotel Dieu, Lyon 2

The Hospices Civils de Lyon (Lyon hospitals) architect offers a walk through time prior to the reconversion of the Hôtel-Dieu which is a feast for the eyes and ears. Its heritage unfolds using five three-dimensional tableaux. Total immersion in the ambience of each century is guaranteed. The 17th century is lit by candlelight, there are sumptuous 18th century facades, the 19th century is represented by a cabaret bathed in red light, the 20th century conjures up Liberation Day celebrations and it culminates with the 21st century which heralds a new era. A soundtrack fills the courtyard in step with the scenes.