Atelier Change de Chaîne

Change de Chaîne is a bike maintenance and repair association.

The association has organized an exciting Bike Block Party for the Extras! during Les Nuits Sonores (June 2014). Association members have actively participated in debates and conferences that are open to the public with the Heureux Cyclage (Happy Cycling) network, including:
- "Vélo et développement local" (Biking and Local Development) at the Rencontres du Cadre de Ville (October 2014);
- "Comment structurer des filières de réemploi des cycles dans le Grand Lyon ?" (How to Structure Ways to Reuse Bikes in Greater Lyon) at Pignon sur Rue (February 2014);

And, of course, they carry out concrete actions to put bikes back in circulation;
- numerous repairs in workshops housed by various Vaise groups
- recovery of discarded bikes to recondition them or recover spare parts for reuse (European Waste Reduction Week at Champagne au Mont d'Or and Décines, November 2013 and 2014)

By the same artist

The LASER Caravan (2014)

Join the Laser Caravan - a walk of light in which you will link the two banks of the Saône by providing your own illuminations, drawn with the tip of a laser pen. On Monday, a fixed installation on the Place de l'abbé Pierre à la Duchère.

With the complicity of Saône District Council and Saint-Charles de Serin Church.
Supports : ADEME, GRL NYC, Spanninga, Neon-flexible