Atelier Humpff : Jean-Charles Daclin, Romain Lardanchet, Julien Menzel

Romain Lardanchet is a sculptor and illustrator from Lyon who designed Gustave the stegosaurus; he is a member of the HUMPFF collective. This is a workshop with four multi-skilled artists: Jakè, Kalouf, MrZL and Romain Lardanchet. They create paintings, sculptures, graffiti and digital works that give life to projects influenced by street art, fantasy, chimeras and monumentality. MrZL created the lighting and JC Daclin created the sound effects. 

By the same artist

Jurassic Spark (2016)

Place Bellecour, Lyon 2

Perched on an industrial container is Gustave: a life-size steel stegosaur, made by Romain Lardanchet in collaboration with the Fernand Forest vocational school.  Artist Mr ZL is covering it with a moving suit of light comprising LED's and floodlights which light up and go out in time with an ethereal and sparkling choreography reminiscent of the atmosphere of a simultaneously Jurassic and industrial era. Everything is bathed in an acoustic ambiance designed by Jean-Charles Daclin.

With the support CAPSA Container. In collaboration with Carrion TP.