Benedetto Bufalino et Benoit Deseille

The artist behind the hugely successful telephone box aquarium in 2007, as well as glitter ball cement mixer in 2016! Benedetto Bufalino takes a curious, offbeat look at what he calls these "abandoned objects in public areas". He twists them away from their original purpose, creating humorous and poetic installations. This mischievous visual artist has exhibited worldwide and for this Festival of Lights, he has teamed up with Benoît Deseille, the light designer and founder of the Hi Lighting Design agency.

By the same artist

La Pelleteuse Aquarium (2017)

Did you love the aquarium telephone box and the disco ball cement mixer that featured in previous Festivals? In that case, you're going to love the aquarium digger! This is another opportunity to enjoy the humour, soothing atmosphere and poetry of Benedetto Bufalino's world. Colourful fish replace the driver at the controls of this extraordinary new machine, which combines the features of his two previous works. Was this digger accidentally left behind after the Grôlée district was renovated? We'll never know, but one thing is for sure - you'll never look at construction machinery in quite the same way again!

Funded by JCB Lyomat and Aquarium of Lyon

La bétonnière boule à facettes (2016)

A disco-ball cement mixer provides a bold and offbeat way to use light. Around this giant disco-ball, the streets take on the aspect of village dance. Families, friends, neighbors and strangers: everyone takes to the improvised dance floor when the cement mixer arrives at a street corner!

Project sponsored by Lyon Parc Auto, ERDF,  Nexity and VLS. With the support of Lafarge Bétons France Agence Rhône-Alpes Auvergne, Transports Ruiz and Thorn/Zumtobel. In collaboration with Vinci construction France-Citinéa and Firce Capital.