Chantal Thomass


The fashion designer Chantal Thomas was born on September 5th 1947. Founder of the lingerie brand distributed in 18 countries around the world, her unlimited creativity is recognized by all of us.

Behind her mischievous glance, Chantal Thomass is a talented and eccentric glamour icon. With the Village des Créateurs in Lyon, they both share a passion for fashion and creation.

Her work « Sérénade » for the Fête des Lumières is also presented in the Dubaï Festival of Lights in 2014.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2013 : « Sérénade » – Place de la Bourse (Lyon 2)


The well-known fashion and lingerie designer Chantal Thomass transforms the square into a gigantic and surrealistic flower shop filled with bouquets of roses and hydrangea beds wrapped in lace.