Collectif Arbuste

Arbuste is an artists' collective based in Marseille, featuring young creators from a variety of backgrounds that combine skills in digital arts and electronic productions, as well as music and architecture. With each new display, their hybrid, innovative creations question their relationship with the public, which is always put in an unusual "watching/listening" position. Their installations provide a sensorial experience that is global, radical and powerful, combining primal energy and technical virtuosity.

The collective took part in the Night at the Lanterns in Wiltz (Luxembourg) in 2014, the Fusion Festival (Germany) in the same year and the Sleepless Night in Paris in 2015.

By the same artist

Mega Candela (2017)

Place Bellecour, Lyon 2

Come and enjoy an interactive, contemplative display in the south-western corner of the Place Bellecour. Mega Candela, or "large candles" in Latin, is reminiscent of the traditional candles lit on December 8 to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Six fabric cylinders resembling huge candles surround an interactive dancefloor. Get behind the turntables in the artists' caravan and light them up to the rhythm of your own soundtrack, creating your very own DJ set. Does the light depend on the sound or is it the opposite? It's up to you to try it out!