Collectif Beam'Art

Beam'Art was born from the partnership of two engineers/researchers, Antoine Vanel and Benjamin Petit. Both worked in the field of computer vision, real-time computer graphics and virtual reality and have thus acquired the major IT skills which they use today for their digital creations.

Their work is based on interactive experience. They create live performances with various artists (dancers, painters, jugglers…) as well as direct interaction with the audience through their set ups. They focus mainly on the public’s participation and the spontaneous generation of video and light content, so that viewers are no longer passive. They presented Hypermetrop, a live performance combining interactive architectural mapping and augmented dance, during Lyon Lights Festival in 2012.

By the same artist

Hi Striker (2014)

Palais de Justice, Lyon 5 Passerelle du Palais de Justice, Lyon 2

May the force be with you, and the courthouse will light up! As you do for the "Test Your Strength" carnival game, you must hit the hammer as hard as you can and as accurately as possible to create a beam of luminous energy that will cross the walkway and light up the Palais de Justice and its 24 columns. The most talented will set off a brilliant show of music and light!

The LASER Caravan (2014)

Join the Laser Caravan - a walk of light in which you will link the two banks of the Saône by providing your own illuminations, drawn with the tip of a laser pen. On Monday, a fixed installation on the Place de l'abbé Pierre à la Duchère.

With the complicity of Saône District Council and Saint-Charles de Serin Church.
Supports : ADEME, GRL NYC, Spanninga, Neon-flexible

Hypermetrop (2012)

Parc Roquette, Lyon 9

Have you ever dreamed of making buildings dance? An interactive augmented dance installation.

« Hypermetrop » is an interactive installation combining architectural mapping and augmented dance in which bodies in motion reveal and transform architecture. Spectators are able to watch the transformation of Square Roquette into a gigantic hip-hop stage. The dancers then invite the audience to join them on the dance floor.