Compagnie Cessez l'Feu

Compagnie Cessez L’Feu started out in Lyon in 2002 and designed Morphée Indus, its first show, in 2003. At the suggestion of the Tankha Association, which allowed the company to stage its first creation, Cessez L'Feu installed itself in 2004 at the former RVI Lyon industrial site, a self-managed artistic undertaking.

Company creations include: Celsius 62 in 2005, followed by Le Hasard de la Baignoire in 2006, Destination Nulle Part in 2006, Pyrocyles et Balivernes in 2007, Les Féeries Pyromaniées in 2007, La Brigade du Feu in 2012 and Pyrotronic in 2014.

By the same artist

Pyrotronic (2014)

A bug, a short circuit, a faulty contact? Suddenly, fire breaks through the searing, binary atmosphere of the square. For thirty-five minutes, light manipulations follow one after the other, small fireworks displays explode and jugglers capture the attention of visitors large and small in a gay musical setting.

Sponsored by the 8th arrondissement City Hall, with the technical support of the OPLA Association and the collaboration of Friche Artistique Lamartine, l'Animakt and the Guinguettes et Compagnies Festival.