Compagnie La Machine


La Machine is a street theater company with numerous projects in the domains of urban development (Grand Eléphant des Machines de l’Ile in Nantes, Manège Carré in Sénart, etc.) and street performance (Mécaniques Savantes, Grand Répertoire des Machines, Symphonie Mécanique, Expédition Végétale, etc.).

Created by Pierre De Mecquenem and La Machine, the "Flames" show originated at Le Channel, a national theater in Calais, in December 2007, on the occasion of the Winter Fires event. It was co-produced by Le Channel, a national theater in Calais; Le Grand T, a subsidized theater in the Loire Antlantique region; and Pronomade(s), a national center for street performance in the Haute Garonne region.



Lighted by the flickering flames of hundreds of candles and candelabras, Place Nautique invites you to enjoy a moment of meditation and warmth on a wintry night. Each evening, in the company of art