Compagnie Les Monts Rieurs

Compagnie des Monts Rieurs is located in the Var department and will celebrate its 17th season during the medieval festivals in France. The company includes specialized organizers, entertainment workers and adolescents. Together since 1998, they have created three shows for young audiences, two concerts and six street shows, while composing a musical repertory for each and recording five CDs.

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The Tanarücks (2014)

At nightfall, watch the fire ritual of the Tanarücks, who are small fairy-like beings with colored skin. This magical and poetic show combines light, fire, music, dance and juggling. During the final representation on December 6 at Place Belleville, the show ends with a spectacular fireworks display.

With the support of the General Council, the 8th arrondissement City Hall and the Et Si C'était Vrai company (artistic and technical coordination).