Compagnie Picto Facto

Picto Facto is a street theatre company, featuring artists describing themselves as "image blowers", who create inflatable structures. Their pictographic language features bright colours and simple geometric shapes that depict the world of childhood and conjure up a joyful and poetic realm of fantasy to which all audiences can relate.

By the same artist

Lucinoctes (2017)

The Lampadophores are back again this year on quai Saint-Antoine, accompanied this time by a merry band of inflatables, the Tubulophares. When they meet on Maréchal Juin bridge, it’s time for a big hug. The actors, musicians, dancers and singer from Picto Facto encourage you to mingle with these colourful characters who speak a language we all understand: the word kiss in different languages. Kissie kissie!

Procession along the quai Saint-Antoine between the La Feuillée and Bonaparte bridges