Confluences School students, Institute for Innnovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture

The Bullukian Foundation supports innovative projects in its programme, combining art and science, and for the second consecutive year, is partnering the Confluence Institute. Advocating a cross-disciplinary educational approach based on experimentation, the Lyon School of Architecture founded by Odile Decq has selected 1 student project to be exhibited in Place Bellecour. Architects Juan Velasquez and Domitille Roy thus supervised Meriem Benkirane, who also received support from other pupils studying the Light programme, during the design of this work entitled Polyfolies.

By the same artist

Polyfolies / Frontier (2018)

The Fondation Bullukian is showcasing two installations:

1- Polyfolies

Meriem Benkirane’s installation is composed of large, thin petals of doctored plexiglass which cast shadows and moving reflections. This artwork takes the visitor into the very heart of matter.

Artist: Meriem Benkirane
Production: Confluence Institute & Fondation Bullukian

Technical support: la communauté lumière iGuzzini

2- Frontier

Light waves and sound vibrations disturb the calm of the untouched, reflective surface of a pond. The changing scenario plays on transforming reality to offer a unique representation with each loop. Depending on ambient sounds and submerged objects, the work becomes an integral part of the site and creates a dialogue with the public and its environment. Through a physical and graphic narrative, it plays on the notion of a frontier between water and earth. This is an immersive audiovisual installation where light, water, waves and… the public answer each other's echoes on an acoustic and visual journey.

Artists: Encor Studio
Production: Mirage Festival
Technical support: Swiss Consulate in Lyon; Canton of Neuchâtel;  Pro Helvetia; Case à Chocs Neuchâtel

The Spark (2017)

At the Fondation Bullukian, you can give free rein to your talents by making fire the prehistoric way. The spark generated by rubbing an object against an abrasive surface is converted into light intensity and projected on the sculpture “Le silence des évidences” by Vincent Mauger. You are in control in this minimalist installation where you can watch your own light show unfold before your eyes. Treat yourself to a private and poetic experience away from the hustle and bustle of the Festival of Lights.

With the support of Fondation Bullukian, the Grands Ateliers and ERCO