Cyril Minois

After 10 years as a project manager in a firm working on lighting installations and scenographies, Cyril Minois, created BULB in 2011. This new company addresses the artistic challenge to give life to a daily-forgotten material in a way as transcending reality.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2013 :  « Digital and acoustic forest » – Square Marius Blaise et René Dejean

By the same artist

Kiosk Night Fever (2016)

Where does nature start and artifice end? When synthetic plants and vines begin to flirt with the environnement of the place to the beat of electro-Asian music, you'll begin to wonder where you are. Go across threshold of this small architectural structure to feel how your body interacts with sound and light.

Sound creation: Micromachine / Fatburner. Mural artist : Sowanone.

Digital and acoustic forest (2013)

Attracted by a strange and luminous urban vegetation, enter into a mysterious forest which comes to life in the middle of a children's playground: trees revolve around their axis and unexpected sounds and lights plunge you into a fantastic daydream.