David Udovtsch

Light designer David Udovtsch took a keen early interest in theatre, video and film. Having graduated in audiovisual arts in 2010, he started working in entertainment as a lighting engineer, but also as a magician and visual artist. In 2016, he created Photocolor, a sensitive, interactive installation that became his first contribution to the Festival of Lights. Using a wide range of skills and drawing from his diverse experience, this illusionist combines media to create contemplative work that arouses curiosity and surprises audiences. In 2017, he created La Nuit des temps to promote his various artistic projects.

By the same artist

You and the night (2018)

David Udovtsch's You and the Night takes a fresh look at the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights. It's a meditative installation where the illusionist makes the fountain in the place des Jacobins appear in the sky studded with countless stars. At the feet of the Sirens, female guardians of the cosmos, a hint of simmering, imperceptible colour slowly emerges. The fountain transforms into a lighthouse, its beam of light sweeping over the square as though appealing to the Northern Lights to show themselves… which they do, illuminating the facade in subtle shades of green, blue and mauve... Their departure is heralded by a final dance of light before the star-spangled sky makes its gentle return.


Photocolor (2016)

Part photo booth, part psychological test, "Photocolor" reveals the color of your personality. The booth asks you questions and then immortalizes you in your very own colorimetric world. Next, find out the souvenir pictures of this luminous moment on www.photocolor.fr.

With the support of Le Théâtre, Scène Nationale de Mâcon, and Rabuel Construction. In collaboration with L'Echelle.