In DUNDUMUSIK, an ensemble of musicians has come together from different genres in exactly this spirited consciousness and with a common visionto create a situation with atmosphere and sway for appreciating the music. A powerfully open, flexible sound world begins to dance, music that does not just invite DUNDU to move and shake, but also thrives with and feeds off the listeners' energy intuitively interacting with them. 

DUNDU dances in these sounds and gives them the radiance of his atmosphere. DUNDU's speed is determined by both, the music and the players' breath:in the final consequence, his movement is the merging of everyone's rhythm. DUNDU is alive.  


  • Stefan Charisius - Kora (African Harp), Gongoma (Basskalimba), and Voice
  • Martin Andersson - Bass Clarinet, Melodica and Piano
  • Matthias Schneider Hollek – Flute, Bansuri and Elektronic Music.
  • Klaus Burger - Basstuba, Trumpet, Didgeridoo, Flutes and Shells.
  • Carsten Netz - Saxophone, Flute und Elektronic Music.
  • Wolfgang Kallert - Guitars, Cymbals/Bol tibétain, Gongs.
  • Jaffer Khan – Tabla.
  • Bakary Kone – Djembe, N‘gonie, Balafon, Guitar.
  • Produced Music from >dub in a nutshell< (Sebastian Thuemmel)
  • Flo Dauner – Drumset.
  • YPSILON – Soundscapes.