Encor Studio

Encor studio – founded by Mirko Eremita, David Houncheringer, Manuel Oberholzer and Valerio Spoletini in 2015 – blends architecture, maths and sound vibrations. The Swiss collective conjugates reflections and light waves to explore the foundations of graphic art, playing with the public’s perception in its immersive, evolving artworks based on scenography, photography, music and mapping. Their projects, on the margins of contemporary art, explore the many facets of light. In 2019, they are presenting Trapped which lays bare the man vs machine dichotomy reflecting their fascination with the way technology has encroached on every aspect of our lives.


By the same artist

Trapped (2019)

Place Rambaud, Lyon 1

On Place Gabriel Rambaud, an industrial robot is enclosed in a confined space like a caged lion. A robotic arm which seems to have escaped from an assembly line moves around under a smoke-filled dome. The sightless machine has sensors which pick up sounds from the public; it seems to be seeking to establish contact. The robot is programmed to detect human presence and moves towards the onlookers when it senses noise or vibrations. Now it is up to the spectator to tame the fantastic metal beast. This interactive installation shows that artificial intelligence has given machines a human dimension and makes us think about how we react when faced with phenomena beyond our comprehension.

Polyfolies / Frontier (2018)

The Fondation Bullukian is showcasing two installations:

1- Polyfolies

Meriem Benkirane’s installation is composed of large, thin petals of doctored plexiglass which cast shadows and moving reflections. This artwork takes the visitor into the very heart of matter.

Artist: Meriem Benkirane
Production: Confluence Institute & Fondation Bullukian

Technical support: la communauté lumière iGuzzini

2- Frontier

Light waves and sound vibrations disturb the calm of the untouched, reflective surface of a pond. The changing scenario plays on transforming reality to offer a unique representation with each loop. Depending on ambient sounds and submerged objects, the work becomes an integral part of the site and creates a dialogue with the public and its environment. Through a physical and graphic narrative, it plays on the notion of a frontier between water and earth. This is an immersive audiovisual installation where light, water, waves and… the public answer each other's echoes on an acoustic and visual journey.

Artists: Encor Studio
Production: Mirage Festival
Technical support: Swiss Consulate in Lyon; Canton of Neuchâtel;  Pro Helvetia; Case à Chocs Neuchâtel