Florian Girardot

Florian Girardot is a French artist who specializes in digital art, video projection and photography. He has also directed several short films, taught special effects courses and supervised audiovisual production.

After obtaining a Master of Art and Technology degree at University Paris 8, Florian worked for a number of film studios around the world on projects such as "Puss in Boots", “Madagascar 3”, “Despicable Me 2” and “Godzilla”.


By the same artist

FACE (2016)

Place Rambaud, Lyon 1

Who are we? Who do we think we are? Who do others think we are? FACE is a reflection on identity in these social network times and on the ego in the digital era. Play with your image and blend into the sculpture on the square to create a new "you". But you won't have the final say on your new identity...

With the support of SML Découpe and Guillaume Etienne (sound design).