Flshka design

Jean-Noël Beyssier created Flshka design in 2015 with the backing of musician Nicolas Boscovic and sound designer Camille Lucchino. The three video-mapping specialists from the south of France combine digital arts and traditional techniques in immersive son-et-lumière installations. They use light as a means of expression to divert urban spaces from their original purpose taking a satirical yet poetic approach. In 2019, Flshka design is taking Saint Paul railway station as their canvas for their dreamscape based on their research into perspective and motion.


By the same artist

Daydreams (2019)

Daydreams borrows from the surrealist imagery of Magritte and Dali with a nod to Lewis Caroll's Wonderland. The spectator’s journey to imaginary lands is interrupted by futurist images which suddenly burst into the picture. The styles overlap, blending and feeding off each other, then withdraw to make room for a new artistic expression. The artists imply that no area is free from intrusion by technology now, not even our dreams. But nothing is black and white; the lines are blurred between the dream world and real world and spectators are left to draw their own conclusions from this hypnotic and sensitive work of art.

Odysseus (2017)

You're no doubt familiar with Homer's Odyssey, recounting the adventures of Ulysses. Come to Saint-Paul station to enjoy following the famous Greek hero, now a pictogram, in this fast-paced attraction. Look out for the Cyclops, reduced to his single eye, together with the mermaids, depicted by their singing on the soundtrack, which also features hip-hop and rock music. Flshka Design tells the story of Ulysses journey, marked by storms and adventures, making a foray into the world of graphic arts inspired by video games and street art. Saint-Paul station is the symbolic departure point, so jump on board for a dazzling journey of mischievousness!