Franck Pelletier, collectif Les Allumeurs

In 2012, Franck Pelletier was the pyrotechnics expert on the “Magic Cube” project, on Place Bellecour at Lyon’s Festival of Lights.

In 2013, he was the designer of the “La Marguerite” installation on Place Pradel. In 2014, this installation appeared at the Jerusalem Light Festival and the Nuit Blanche Amiens.

He created the artistic collective “Les Allumeurs” which combines light, special effects and pyrotechnics, seeking out in the scenographical universe the pure emotion unleashed by the universal visual poetry of the night.

By the same artist

Coups de cœur (2016)

Once upon a time there was an inflatable lighted heart that beat to the rhythms of the city and her lovers... Gigantic, unavoidable and palpitating, the heart invites you to feel and reveal your love in sound and light. When you put your hands on the console, the Heart captures your combined heartbeats and blinks in unison, allowing you to vibrate to the beat of your own love song.

The Daisy (2013)

When night falls, an immense multicolored daisy blooms from a gigantic lighted flowerpot. Then one by one its petals are plucked. Inspired by the Maltese pyrotechnic wheels used for religious festivals, this luminous object equipped with LEDs will evoke the incessantly renewed cycle of plant life: germination, growth, maturity and disappearance.