Haitian Lantern

Haitian Lantern (full name: Zigong Haitian Culture Spreading Co., Ltd) is established in 1998 with 8 million yuan registered capital, 150 regular employees, 7000 seasonal employments, output value over 0.1 billion RMB, it is the leading enterprise in China lantern industry. Haitian company is mainly engaged in lantern exhibition art project, city lighting art project, landscape art project, city landscape sculpture project, floats and barge project.

Headquarters is located in Zigong, Sichuan Province, and the society counts offices in Chongqing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Thailand and so on. They plan to set up a branch in North America this year.

By the same artist

Les Lanternes de Zigong (2016)

The result of a collaboration between the cities of Lyon and Zigong in China, the illumination of Rue de la République leads you deep inside the Chinese imagination, somewhere between past and present, dream and reality. This contemporary Silk Road swarms with colored lanterns in traditional or modern shapes.

With the support of "Rue de la République, Bank of China and the government of Zigong.

La Carpe Koï (2016)

According to the legend, the koi carp swam up the Yellow River against the current. Impressed by the fish's courage and determination, the gods transformed it into a magnificent water dragon that flew off into the sky. Flamboyant and hypnotic, the fish awaits you at the basin to bring you wealth and good luck.

Project sponsored by BPD Marignan and CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre.