Helen Eastwood and Laurent Brun

Helen Eastwood from Monaco and Laurent Brun from Lyon came together to form LNLO 10 years ago. As Helen is an interior architect and jewellery designer and Laurent, an electronic engineer in video game design, it was not obvious they would end up working in light design. However, it all started with a prototype of a modular lamp imagined by Laurent and designed by Helen. Multiple copies of this light were then ordered for an installation for the 2008 Sleepless Nights in Paris, opening the doors to this world of light they have inhabited ever since. Their respective backgrounds make their work delicate, elegant, fun and interactive, in which contemplation flirts with the arcane, technology and metaphysics.



By the same artist

Wish Blow (2018)

28 beautiful coloured orbs are suspended on place Antonin Poncet transforming the square into a field of scintillating dandelion heads which light up when you blow on them. Some people believe in the magical powers of positive thinking and for LNLO, the artists behind Wish Blow, if you don’t make a wish, it can’t come true. Wish Blow symbolises the power of our hopes and dreams. The harder you blow, the further the light travels and the greater your chance of seeing your dreams come true! Will you have enough puff to light up all 28 orbs?


Cells (2018)

"Every being and every organ has a pre-determined design" – inspired by this quote from Claude Bernard, LNLO has pictured the facade of the theatre as a mother matrix that breathes life into the architectural "cells". The duo has left no stone unturned, as it were, when it comes to the details of the facade: the bas-relief, columns, frieze, decorative masks and coat of arms. LNLO plays on this eclecticism, emphasising the classical, ancient and baroque "genes", which they have stylised to generate a host of cells that are never identical. These beings will start to wander, grow, divide and multiply to cover the entire face of the theatre… before disappearing only to start a new cycle once more. It's a thought-provoking installation that is also highly unusual and fun.


Unisson (2017)

Come and enjoy a graphic composition-decomposition show projected onto the façade of Saint-Jean Cathedral, playing with shapes to make sound and light vibrate in "unisound". Every single fragment of the building is lit up in colour, with contrasts becoming stronger and stronger until everything is swarming, before being matched up again to form a new combination. All the fragments are different, yet once assembled, they continually come together to reconstruct a new version of the façade.

Entry only permitted from Rue Adolphe Max

Jackpot (2014)

Try your luck at a game and use a simple buzzer to light the facade of the Saint-Paul station with multiple colored patterns! The goal is to align six identical figures on the central line in a maximum of three tries. Win the jackpot and trigger a large animation on the facade!

Dress Code (2013)

The Gare Saint Paul’s façade is dressed up according to the mood of the public presents to contemplate it. They spin the wheel to change the patterns of the wall: flower power, pretty girl or ethnic chic!

Great Hopes (2011)

A cloud of luminous words comes to life on the façade of the Municipal Archives. Words like time, hope and attempt are used to express our desires, our memories, our dreams…. Two words stand out at the heart of this dance: Here and Now, to write tomorrow’s world. Everyone is invited to write and take part in the collection of our Great Hopes.