Jacques Fayard

Jacques Fayard produces performance for the Théâtre de l’Elysée, situated in the middle of the Guillotière in Lyon (7e). He also leads the association « If you » which is in charge of the programming of the Theatre. He is also responsible of the production company TransArte which focuses its work in three complementary fields: diffusion of cultural projects, animation of the urban space and communication.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2005 : « The banks’ towers » - Berges du Rhône
2009 : « The Lyon’s Lampions : between innovation and tradition » - Place de la Bourse
2010 : « Reflections on the Palais »  - Place de la Bourse
          « Ten tepees on the Rhône's banks » - Berges du Rhône

By the same artist

Ten tepees on the Rhône's banks (2010)

A Native American village greets visitors between the Wilson and Guillotière bridges along the left bank of the Rhône. Slow variations in colour and soft traditional music add to the peaceful ambience. There even seems to be smoke rising from the open roofs of these nomadic dwellings straight out of our childhood imagination. As you draw closer, you discover that one of the tepees is actually inhabited…

Reflections on the Palais (2010)

A pool of water set at the foot of the stairway has pride of place. A powerful light beam and three floating hulls covered in red mirrors share its surface. A blue light swathes the trees and box hedges of the square, but red light invades the Palais de la Bourse and a red carpet of light stands out against the steps. At the centre of the facade, a large circle of moving reflections is teamed with electronic candle lights. A fantastical atmosphere prevails.