Jérôme Donna

Jérôme Donna is a qualified interior designer who has chosen to explore every facet of urban lighting. After a stint as project manager for the company Les Éclairagistes Associés (LEA), he moved to the Public Lighting Department (DEU) working as both lighting engineer and lighting artist.  Every year since 2004, he has been on the lookout for new venues for illumination, creating and designing artworks with his fellow lighting enthusiasts.

By the same artist

Lightning Cloud (2019)

Floating through the air, particles of light disturb the peace of the Place des Célestins. Their movement seems to perform a strange, hypnotic ballet. As an allegory of the digital data sent every day through our communication networks, these fragments of virtual light come together to form a cloud in the middle of the square.  This metallic nebula – a custodian of our memories – gets brighter and brighter until it reaches saturation point and explodes, irradiating the surrounding architecture. The shimmering particles spread out, creating amazing pictures on the theatre, trees and facades of the square, revealing their beauty.

Incandescens (2016)

In the darkness of the theater, light from a flame suddenly appears, disturbing the tranquility of the sensitive and mysterious creature who dwells there. This chance encounter will draw you into a poetic world, where dreams and legends mix. Subtle silhouettes appear, dancing along and then disappearing in a ballet of light and shadow, while the flame warms the site as it licks the semicircular stones. 

Métropole de Lyon project.

Laniakea (2014)

Dive into the depths of a cosmic experience and confront light particles that scintillate by the thousands in the dark. Observe this hypnotic ballet of clouds, clusters of lighted dots and stars that, just like a galaxy, shape themselves into constellation and then disintegrate.