Jérôme Toq'r

Jérôme Toq’r is an artist proposing monument event installations. He studies in Nantes until 1995.

He draws attention during the Fête des Lumières in 2010 with « Le Bouquet de Cubes ». Produced by Moment’Art, his work often implies the participation of inhabitant of the neighbourhood especially with painting workshops.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2010 : « Bouquet of Cubes » - 5th arrondissement Town Hall garden
2011 : « Cubes of light » - Place Gailleton
2012 : « Metamorphosis » - Hospital Saint-Joseph Saint-Luc
2013 : « Metamorphosis #2 » - Esplanade du Gros Caillou

By the same artist

Metamorphosis #2 (2013)

In the midst of this organic setting on the Gros Caillou Esplanade, walk through a labyrinth made from a maze of immense cubes and spheres colored in warm shades. This installation was created in collaboration with local residents.

Played againt at :
Dubaï Festival of Lights 2014

Metamorphosis (2012)

An illuminated, poetic and colorful installation on the terrace which offers a unique vista over the bright city. 
The artist Jérôme Toq’R presents a series of installations whose common denominator is their ability to redefine space and draw the visitor’s eye to the terrace to encourage people to meet each other. The different elements of the installation were realised with the help of the patients, the doctors, the workers and visitors. The universe created favours spheres and sinuous lines to evoke nature and blocks of bright colour. Canvas, wood, resin, adhesive tape ad acrylic paint are the components of the main modules of the installation which can be viewed day and night throughout the festival. The backlighting actually offers visitors a new work as night falls. A work full of transparency which is reminiscent of stained glass.

Played again at:
Dubaï festival of lights 2014

Cubes of light (2011)

Place Gailleton, Lyon 2

A monumental installation of eight luminous cubes in saturated colours creates a surprising, playful world on the Place Gailleton, the right place for strolling around by day or night.

Bouquet of Cubes (2010)

A bouquet almost 5 metres tall made up of some forty light cubes offers a touch of spring in the depths of winter. This coloured, illuminated sculpture is a collaborative work created by local residents who shared palettes and paintbrushes for several weeks.