Johan Corrèze

Previously a musician, Johan Corrèze has been working as a lighting designer for a number of Lyon-based bands since 2014, for which he also devises and designs stage sets.

Since 2017, he has programmed lighting installations for a range of events worldwide (NYC, Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Krakow and Leipzig). In 2019, he designed the lighting plan for the "A Vaulx Jazz" festival.

His performance entitled Étude de l'Ombre (Shadow Study), the result of a collaboration between a dancer, a pianist and a lighting designer, was presented at the 2020 Lyon Dance Biennial.

By the same artist

Point Zéro (2021)

When light becomes the subject, what does it illuminate? Itself? No, that's impossible. Can it exist without a support? So how can we create an existence for what we cannot see?

Bars of LEDs, fixed on metal wires stretched towards the same vanishing point at 360°, create luminous lines floating in the air.

This minimalist installation invites you to explore an illusion, an interpretation, a formation and a deformation of light in several tableaux. Your perception will change according to your angle of view.


Artistic intent

By making light the subject, this installation reverses our order of perception and disrupts our habitual patterns. 


Artistic team: Romain Preuss