Joseph Couturier

After his experience in the worlds of film, music and theatre, Joseph Couturier has become a master at staging night shows, combining fireworks, laser, video, and special effects for an emotional experience – to share unforgettable moments with the public.

He adapts each of his creations to each place and is looking for the fusion between his arts and his works by creating resonance.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2013 : « Pierrot Le Feu » - Place Bellecour

By the same artist

Sans dessus, dessous (2016)

Discover the climate and how it is changing with "Sans dessus, dessous", a creation made from light and images. A mad scientist in charge of climate and oceans chases after an owl that has disrupted the global machinery. You’ll travel the world with him, from the center of the Earth to the North Pole, to observe the extent of damage. Magical effects confront earth, water and air, demonstrating their complementarity and interdependence.

Illustrator - Romain Simon
Animation and Compositing- GYOMH / Stéfano Collavini / Sigurdur Hallmar Magnusson/ Julien David / Aline Frappier
Sound Design - David Couturier
Scenario - Joseph couturier and PakoCotrel

Pierrot Le Feu (2013)

Place Bellecour, Lyon 2

This 15-minute show mixes video projection, lighting and fireworks to tell the story of Pierrot’s awakening on the big wheel of the Place Bellecour.

He joyously discovers the world around him and wants only to amuse himself! And there he goes, jumping from the screen thanks to his magical power, he mischievously plays with the mechanical movement; sounds and space cause flames to appear here and there. This playfulness ends by making the ghost of Louis XIV angry. He begins to chase after the clown...