Julie Matthias

Julie Mathias studies in the Beaux-Arts in Saint-Etienne and establishes in 2004 WOKmedia with Wolfgang Kappner. After spending 7 years in London, the both designers have decided to settle in Shangai.

The WOKmedia’s work is primarily concerned with the emotional dimension, an archetypal memory or a physical sensation. 

Their works are present in many light festivals and exhibitions through the world, from London to Tokyo.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2011 : « Feline Gaze » - Place Louis Pradel

By the same artist

Feline gaze (2011)

Place Louis Pradel leaves us wide-eyed. Attending Lyon for the first time, designers Julie Mathias and Wolfgang Kaeppner of the Hong Kong WOKmedia group, take a quirky look at the Fête des Lumières through a multitude of pairs of giant green, gold, brown and blue eyes. These gazes fixing us from 2 to 5 metres above the ground evoke different feline moods, in turns watchful, affectionate, playful or sleepy.

Played after at :
Night Lights Singapour 2012