Julien Menzel

Trained in architecture, Julien Menzel carefully studies the location of his installations, seeking to create a dialogue between his designs and their environment. Now working exclusively as a "light artist", as he now defines himself, he belongs to a Lyon collective called NUMBER 8, with which he produced the Stegosaurus Gustave in "Jurassic Spark", which featured in the 2016 Festival of Lights. His accomplice for this installation, Damien Reynaud, also composed the soundtrack for "Platonic".

By the same artist

Platonic (2017)

In Platonic, Julien Menzel has created a contemplative sound and light installation, choosing a mathematic, geometrical, pure and contemporary approach to light for his homage to Plato. Dynamic lighting invigorates the tetrahedron to the rhythm of a soundtrack created by Damien Reynaud.

Funded by GRIM EDIF, Lycée Fernand Forest / St Priest and the Eglise Saint Nizier