Julien Menzel

Julien Menzel is a Franco-German artist based in Lyon who trained as an architect. He capitalises on his work with pixels and kinetics to produce interactive mapping and optical art installations. As a member of the Lyon collective NUMBER8, he produced Gustave, the Stegosaurus, the star of "Jurassic Spark” in the 2016 Festival of Lights.

By the same artist

Phénix (2021)

A majestic phoenix, the incarnation of the mythical animal symbolising hope and rebirth, has landed in Lyon. Neon lights vibrate with a multitude of bright and changing colours, evoking the beautiful plumage of tropical birds such as the blue-throated macaw or the yellow-fronted parrot.

The Phoenix is reborn from the ashes as a flock of birds in the heart of the city. The birdsong, recorded in French Guiana, adds to your impression of being in the midst of a tropical forest.


Artistic intent

The changing colours of the Phénix are inspired by the plumage of different birds threatened by extinction, thereby encouraging the public to think about conservation of the species.


Sound track: Damien Reynaud
Technical assistance: GRIM EDIF

Platonic (2017)

In Platonic, Julien Menzel has created a contemplative sound and light installation, choosing a mathematic, geometrical, pure and contemporary approach to light for his homage to Plato. Dynamic lighting invigorates the tetrahedron to the rhythm of a soundtrack created by Damien Reynaud.

Funded by GRIM EDIF, Lycée Fernand Forest / St Priest and the Eglise Saint Nizier