Kim Tae Gon

Kim Tae Gon is an artist from South Korea who lives in Strasbourg, France.

Draughtman and designer, Kim Tae Gon works from his emotions to obtain technical achievements. He creates in 2001 chair with a flagrance diffuser because of his sensibility of hospital smell.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2012 : « Three illuminated dresses » - Atrium of the Molière Hall

By the same artist

Three illuminated dresses (2012)

Salle Molière, Lyon 5

Lighten by projected images, the fibre optic dresses of Kim Taegon come to life and invite the spectator to give free rain to their imagination. A substantial technical achievement  with 3D weaving.  

« An image which reflects what I want to become is projected onto a fibre optic dress. Through the medium of the dress, I can imagine that I am inside the image, as if I were wearing what I wanted to be. This picture dress changes according to my whim. Each dress on display tells its own story. »

Played again at :
Lumière Festival Durham 2013