La Camaraderie

La Camaraderie is a French-Quebec team created by young graduates in design from the University of Quebec in Montreal. This multi-disciplinary design studio was founded by Alabane Guy, a former student of Lyon's School of Fine Art and resident of Montreal since 2008, and Alexandre Renzo. Their participative and narrative art installations blend graphic, space and set design. They have exported their own particular brand of sensitivity and ingenuity from Canada to Europe at a host of different cultural events. Juggling with different disciplines, they produce tongue-in-cheek installations where creativity rubs shoulders with low technology and clever craftwork.

By the same artist

Les Fabuloscopes (2019)

Palais de Bondy, Lyon 5

The atrium of the Palais de Bondy is the venue for the Camaraderie’s exhibition of Fabuloscopes, inspired by those 19th century inventions known as zoetropes and praxinoscopes that generated the first moving images in 1834. The machines, which have been customised a tad by modern technology, explore the mechanical principle of these optical toys, and invite spectators to turn the wheel that surrounds them. Once they’ve been set in motion, the three structures start scrolling through images that transform into animations. Then, thanks to the strobe, the public gets to see some brief comic sketches that humorously update the stories we’re familiar with from our childhoods. Viewers can discover, for instance, a feminist remake of Eve and Adam and Guignol getting the climate ball rolling...

As this Festival of Lights installation is on the first floor of the Palais de Bondy, there is no access for people with reduced mobility. We apologise for this situation.

Lumiblabla (2018)

The inflatables are back again this year. This time, the courtyard of the Musées Gadagne is inhabited by some rather unusual creatures, courtesy of La Camaraderie. Three white, voice-controlled inflatables react to the sound of visitors’ voices with a display of light revealing their shapes, faces and even personalities. Communicating with light and sound, Lumiblabla offers an entertaining interactive experience for all the family.

Les Luminuits (2017)

Get ready for a surprise at the end of the traboule or passageway that leads to the Cour des Moirages! Shadows, huddled together in the night, shrink away from your enquiring gaze. It's up to you to reveal their profiles and personalities using the flashes of your cameras or smart phones. Are they friendly? Disturbing? Pose for a selfie with them and you'll find out!