The iGuzzini light community

From Lyon Museum of Fine Arts to the Beaubourg Centre in Paris, iGuzzini Illuminazione has created the lighting for a number of cultural and heritage sites both in France and abroad. They aim to give new impetus to historic centres and enhance buildings with exceptional architecture. This family company, which was founded in Italy in 1959, opened offices in Lyon in 2016 on the Place des Terreaux, with outstanding views over the square and its recently renovated fountain. And it was precisely this renovation that has inspired Retour aux Sources, the collective work that forms the first contribution by the iGuzzini community to this year's Festival of Lights.

By the same artist

Retour aux sources (2018)

The Bartholdi fountain on Place des Terreaux appears to be fed by the water from an invisible spring hurtling down Colline de la Croix-Rousse. As the water gurgles amidst the spray, beams of light vanish into the pool of the fountain, where lanterns sail by without missing a beat. Patterns of light seem to be marching onward, sweeping over the square and facade in the background. The reflections from the water scatter in flashes of blue and white, revealing the spring – or source – of gushing life and the statue of Amphitrite on her quadriga. Retour aux sources (Back to the Source of Life) is a poetic installation that immerses spectators in a dreamlike, emotional experience, as though continuing the recent renaissance of the century-old fountain.