Laurent Langlois

Laurent Langlois founded Artslide, a studio for "graphic design and creations for large-scale architectural projections" after studying painting and photography at art school. As a "light-painter", he creates architectural projections in 3-D, which he describes as "highly-pictorial trompe-l'œil projections", for festivals worldwide. He notably contributed to the Quito Fiesta de la Luz in 2016 2017, which is co-directed by the Lyon Festival of Lights.

By the same artist

Rayonnement (2017)

The Hotel Dieu, Lyon 2

The façade of the Hôtel-Dieu, which is currently undergoing the largest renovation project in Europe, has finally been freed of its scaffolding and is set to be unveiled at the Festival of Lights. Admire it in all its glory, enhanced by the talent of Laurent Langlois and Daniel Knipper. A series of scenes trace the history of the building, from its construction to its role as a hospital and not forgetting the period during which it housed a convent. See if you can spot the allusion to the future of the Hôtel-Dieu! Through clever trompe-l'œil effects and emphasis of its architectural lines, the Hôtel-Dieu shines once again!

On view from December 4 to 29,

Archipictural light (2012)

The facade of the theatre is a canvas onto which are projected ephemeral paintings, appearing one after another such as the marabout or a length of string. The concentrated gestures of the painter progressively produce form and colour, putting on and spreading the paint, the brush working the canvas, the scraping of the spatula, and then suddenly the spectator is drawn into a new dimension.