Léa Barbazanges


Léa Barbazanges was born in 1985, and is a graduate of the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, the city where she lives and works. Her artwork has been shown in both solo and group exhibitions. She is a curious artist who gleans materials of mineral, vegetable or animal origin chosen for their elegance, delicacy and refinement to create her "organic assemblies". Graphics, interplay of lines, veins, ramifications, transparencies, brilliance and reflections, they emerge in the light, extraordinarily fragile, in precarious equilibrium and threatening to disappear when touched. Acts of observation and understanding, her assemblies are the product of patient, meticulous and rational gestures. She arranges the exact shaping of the material without any contrivance, going beyond its limits and releasing its invisible properties by simply experimenting with its characteristics.

MicaPenrose is a project developed by Léa Barbazanges with Sylvain Ravy, researcher at the CNRS, with the support of Diagonale Paris-Saclay, the Grand Est Region, and the expertise of Denis Gratias, member of the Academy of Sciences.

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MicaPenrose is a project that intimately links art and science, with scientific rigour and aesthetic refinement. It represents a quasicrystal with tiles made of a periodic crystal called mica...