Leïla Brahimi et Philippe Labaune (Théâtre du Verseau)

This professional theater company has been implanted at la Guillotière for many years. Philippe Labaune created Théâtre du Verseau and has carried out a continuous activity of creation and teaching in Lyon since 1994.

Over twenty shows have been presented over this period, as well as some fifteen readings, stagings and performances. During the past few years, the company's work has been presented on numerous stages in the urban area, including Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse, Biennale du Théâtre Jeune Public, Théâtre de Vénissieux, Théâtre de Feyzin, Théâtre de Saint-Priest, Salle Gérard Philipe, Les (former) Subsistances, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Nouveau Théâtre du Huitième, L’Elysée, Théâtre des Clochards Célestes, Le Croiseur and the Vaise Media Library.

By the same artist

Green Cabaret (2014)

Lured by the atmosphere of the haunted magic forest that has sprung up around the school, you can push open the door to a cabaret and enter a fantastic, joyous world. Welcomed by professional actors and high school students, you can watch their luminous performance, which is spoken and sung following the texts of Guillaume Apollinaire.