Loren is an important artistic figure in the Guillotière (Lyon 7) but even further than the limit of the neighbourhood. Main organizer of the association « dîtes 33 » (say 33), this painter, sculptor and glass-maker has been settled in the La Rage Gallery from 1999 to mainly promote the artists of the circle of influence of the singular art.

Loren’s workshop is also a place, freely open to the neighbourhood where take place exhibitions and creation. All the projects presented during the Fête des Lumières since 2006 have been prepared based on that principle of warm welcome and conviviality. They were all situated in Lyon 7, Loren’s home neighbourhood. 

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2006 : « Uncoil the thread linking the inhabitants »
2007 : « Hundertpasteur »
2009 : « Let’s Anarchitect »
2010 : « archéo-NOlogiques »
2011 : « The Memorial Fields »