Lucion Média

After studying film at York University in Toronto, Bernard Duguay, who works both as a film director and an artistic director of cultural events in North America and Europe, founded Lucion Media in 2000. Based in Montreal, Bernard Duguay and his band of set designers, musicians, videomakers and scriptwriters adopt a multidisciplinary approach to creating spectacular audiovisual shows. Anastasia Isachsen is also involved in a range of artistic collaborations, designing video projections, light installations and show and advertising scenography. For her first contribution to the Festival of Lights this year, the Norwegian artist is combining her creative talents with those of Bernard Duguay.

By the same artist

Quantum (2018)

According to quantum physics, we live in a void populated by particles of invisible energy that only appear to be solid. Quantum explores this universe which lies beyond our perception and brings these intangible powers to life in dance, music, video and shadow play. Three dancers appear on the façade of Saint Paul station mimicking the movement of atoms in a ballet of light, trying to repel these urban and psychological forces. Every movement they make sparks particles of light which dance across the neighbouring facades. This immersive installation pays tribute to Lyon’s reputed Dance Biennale

Virtual nets, Aviaries (2012)

During winter nights, virtual birds will find refuge in five of them; all wrapped in their own warm light. Each aviary will be a theatre of shadows that will recall larger aviaries, always in movement, like mobiles brought to life by the wind. Guided by bird song, walkers stroll in the middle of these abstract compositions, at one and the same time spectators and actors in this scenario in which they are invited to re-live their childhood emotions.