Lux is a design studio created in 2016 by Lucile Cassassolles and Simon Chevalier. Originating from Lyon and very attached to their city, they are keen to point out that the word "lux" is the root of "lug", in turn the stem of Ludgunum (the Latin name for Lyon). Inspired by science fiction and primitive, brutalist art, they apply and experiment with this vision of design in their creations. Using large-scale, repetitive geometric shapes, they create sober, highly-precise graphic sculptures. This first contribution to the Festival of Lights is an important step forward for the young duo of artists.

By the same artist

*** (2018)

Rue Gasparin, Lyon 2

Three huge hanging stars look down on rue Gasparin from a high. Their fourteen sparkling points seem to merge or multiply depending on where you stand. Mankind has always been fascinated by the stars which have inspired  science fiction, religion, clairvoyance and astronomy. Is it a scientific experiment or a divine apparition to celebrate the 8th of December? Whatever interpretation you give it, this 3-D installation pays tribute to the stars which have formed a discreet backdrop to our world since the beginning of time, since man first stared in wonderment at the night sky.